Age Matters

I met this old guy. He said he was twenty. I am nineteen. The way he was typing through the Internet, he sounded young. So, we were talking and got into a relationship. From then on, we started having good conversations, and then he decided to have Internet sex. So, we were talking about what we were going to do in the bed and talking about meeting one day. Then he started to fall in love with me, and I guess I was falling in love, too. Then I told him to give me his number so I could hear his voice. He gave it to me and I called. And guess what? Oh, my gosh. He sounded all shriveled up and old. I cursed at him for at least an hour. I was saying, "You sound older than my grandma. This isn't right. What are you doing talking to a nineteen-year-old?" Then I asked how old he really was, and he said forty-three! What is this man?

— Liv, 19

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