Royal Screw Up

The telephone can ruin as well as make a relationship. I met a man over the internet who was fantastic. We emailed each other every day, and it looked like we were going to hit it off. But as soon as I told him he could call me, disaster struck. We talked quite a bit. He would call me and I would call him, but he didn't tell me when to call and how often to call and what the limitations were. Well, I started calling two to three times a day, and he was getting frustrated. He was also frustrated because if I was unable to reach him on the phone, I would page him. Well, to make a long story short, he emailed me and told me the relationship was over. He didn't think we would make a "good fit". I admit I screwed up royally. I still do like this person. I have emailed him practically every day, but he has yet to respond.

— Lenore, 24

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