Wedding Sex

Come on guys, admit it. One of the easiest places to meet a woman and get laid is at a wedding. My girlfriends and I have laughed about this. I am fifty-four, divorced, and attractive. I have met guys at weddings and had sex with them more times than not. It really depends on how good the wedding is. We just hate to admit that we are as bad as men when it comes to this kind of thing. My daughter, who was married two years ago, even laughs about her friends, and she is thirty now. The best weddings are where there are a lot of guests from out of town. So, if I am selective, that means no embarrassment because they leave and I don't see them again. So, all I can say is don't be afraid of the women that are the bride's or the groom's mother's age. They like to have fun, too.

— Gloria, 54

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