Played For A Fool

I was married with two kids. It was not a great marriage, so I let this loser come into my life. He sweet-talked me into a lot of things, including leaving my twelve-year marriage for him. He said that that if I did, he would leave his wife. I got my divorce. He is still married. He claims he is not able to leave his wife until his daughter is eighteen years old because he would have to pay a lot of money in child support, and he makes a lot of money. Now, he hardly talks to me. When he does, he comes over for his nookie and leaves me right away. I just can't get him out of my mind. I fell madly in love with this bozo, and I am really hurt. I feel like a major fool to have believed the lies that he said to me. Is there any way that I can get this loser off of my mind and just move on?

— Lauren, 33

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