Disastrous Dating!

Oh, I have had such disasters to tell you about! One guy asked me to be his mom for him. Another spoke, in detail, about his ex-wife's bulimia as I tried (unsuccessfully) to eat my meal. Still another was a bald midget my friend Allison set me up with. He was interesting, but in the end his insistence about playing cowboy and Indians before sex was just too much to handle. I think the worst one, though, was the guy who told me he only went on a date with me because his buddies dared him to. He told me it was nothing against me, he was gay after all. If he won the bet, he got to have all-night sex with Markie and Mickey, who were twins. As he told me this, he waved at two identical guys three tables over who were completely shaved from head to toe except for matching goatees. He spent the rest of the night flirting with the two of them and ignoring me completely. Where are all the normal guys?

— Elizabeth, 45

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