Always Trust Your Gut

I met this guy who was cute and charming. I thought I was in love and when he asked me out, I couldn't wait to say yes. During dinner, he seemed distracted and when I asked him why, he said that I made him nervous. I thought he was being sweet. After dinner, we went back to my place where I was expecting to at least make out a bit. Instead, he went around to every window in my place and made sure the blinds were down, checked that the door was locked three times, and asked me if I had a fire escape or any other way out of the building. I was getting a bit suspicious of his odd behavior, so I asked him what was going on. He said he was concerned about fire safety. I no longer trusted him, so told him he would need to leave. He was visibly upset and tried to convince me to let him spend the night, but my gut was telling me no, so I made him go. The next day on the news, I saw him being arrested by the police for a string of local burglaries. No wonder he was so nervous!

— Faith, 23

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