Dying For Love

It wasn't so much the dating with this man, but the way he dumped me. We went out maybe ten times and I found him a bit odd, but not too much so I kept going with him. Then one day, he told me he had only two months to live. He wanted to make love to me before he became too sick. Foolish me, I let him. I even forgave him for the lousy sex figuring he was ill. Over the next month, we had sex numerous times. Basically, anytime he wanted it because I didn't feel I could refuse a dying man. I was really broken up over his illness and tried to convince him to let me go to the doctor with him and see if there was anything anyone could do. He always had an excuse why I couldn't come, though. After a while, I stopped hearing from him. Assuming the worst, I frantically called and called. I checked all the hospitals, funeral notices, everything. I finally gave up and went on with my life, sure he was no more. Around eight months later, I saw him in a shopping mall with some other woman. She was crying and he was consoling her. I walked up to him and saw the shock on his face. I asked the other woman if he had told her he was dying and she shook her head yes. I then told her he did the same to me just to get me to sleep with him and that he was perfectly healthy. I slapped his face and left. Never again will I ignore what my gut is telling me. I will always check things out from now on!

— Kristi, 29

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