The Old Switcheroo

I agreed to go out with this guy Tom who had been asking me for weeks. I wasn't all that attracted to him, but I figured after all that persistence, I could at least go on one date. He obviously seemed to like me, after all. So, on the night we had agreed on, I got ready to go to a nice restaurant that he had promised me. My doorbell rang and when I opened it, I was shocked to see it wasn't him. The guy at my door said he was Matt, Tom's younger brother, and he was there to take me on "our" date. I called up Tom and asked him what was going on. He admitted that he felt bad for his brother because he had a difficult time meeting women to date. So, he had asked me in his brother's place! I was upset with both of them and didn't speak to them for a long time. I'm over it now, but it was such a shock that they would do that without asking or telling me before the actual date!

— Naomi, 33

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