Strangest Fetish Ever

My dating disaster was actually with my neighbor. He was my age, single, and really hot looking. When he moved in, I was really hoping we could get together. So, when he asked me out a few weeks later, I was thrilled. We had a fabulous date and I went to bed that night convinced he was the one for me. About three in the morning, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I heard a faint noise outside, so I went to the window to look. There he was in his own backyard, naked and dancing. Not just any dancing either, he had a small stereo playing ballet music and he was prancing across his lawn. After that night, I got up several times and he was always out there doing his nude ballet late at night. I refused to go out with him again and he kept asking me why. I finally told him I had seen his dancing routine and I asked if he was a professional dancer of any kind. He told me no, he just has a fetish for nude ballet. Too weird!

— Carla, 29

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