Party Of One

I don't like formal dating. I'd rather just go out with some friends and if something develops, then fine. Well, there was this dude at work who kept asking me on a date. I told him I didn't like dating like that about twenty times. Finally, he told me he was having a bunch of friends over for just an informal party and asked me if I would come. He was kind of cute and I figured a group like that would be comfortable for me, so I said yes. When I got to his place, no one else was there. He told me to come in and that I was just a little early. I sat down on his couch and he told me he would be right back. When he came back out of the bedroom, he was completely naked! He admitted no one else was really coming and that he had made the whole thing up so that I would sleep with him. I called him every name I could think of, and then got out of there quick. He kept trying to apologize the next day at work, but I wouldn't talk to him. What a jerk!

— Corinne, 22

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