Almost A Disaster

I still live with my parents and they are very strict about dating and all that. Since my room is on the first floor, I sneak out of the window more times than they will ever know. Once, I brought back my date through the window and we were in bed quietly making love. I heard my father walking down the hall outside my door, so I told my boyfriend to hide. He slid, totally naked, under my bed and I pretended to be asleep as my father opened the door. He stood there for a moment staring at me and I figured maybe he had heard us, so I made a few sighs and moans like I was doing it in my sleep. He finally closed the door and left again. My boyfriend got up, finished with me very quietly, and then left through the window. We talk about what a disaster it would have been if my father had seen him!

— Heather, 20

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