Stuck With a Girlfriend

I worked with this guy for years before he told me in an e-mail that he had feelings for me. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend, so things couldn't develop. Eventually, they broke up, and about a month later, he and I started dating. The dates we went on were fun but a little out of the ordinary; we always went out late at night and never to a very populated place. I didn't really think anything of it, however. This went on for a few weeks, until one day we made plans to spend the night together. I was working the closing shift that night, and I was supposed to call him when I got off work. But when I took my break, the girl sitting next to me at the food court looked familiar. I realized it was his ex-girlfriend. The problem was, she didn't seem to know they had ever broken up. She was talking to her friend about how sweet he was and how he always waited for her to fall asleep before leaving because he wanted to make sure she was sleeping OK. (Actually, he was making sure she was sleeping so he wouldn't get caught going out with other girls.) I left immediately and confronted him. He swore they had gotten back together that very day, after we had made plans, and that he was going to tell me when I called him after work. The next week he swore they had broken up again and wanted to know if I wanted to pick it up where it had left off. I couldn't believe he thought I was that stupid.

— Heather, 20

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