Bellybutton Obsession

This guy Phil asked me out. I knew him from my night college classes. He was nice and I said yes to a movie with him. We got to the theater, got our popcorn and drinks, and found our seats. The movie started and for about fifteen minutes, I was watching it and not thinking about Phil. I glanced over at him as I took some popcorn and noticed he wasn't watching the screen; he was watching his stomach. He had his shirt hiked up under his armpits and he was examining his bellybutton while simultaneously digging in it with his finger. I watched in horror as he continued for several minutes, then used that same finger to scoop up some popcorn from our shared bucket. I was gagging by that point. I made an excuse and ran for the bathroom. I called a friend who picked me up and got out of there. Phil actually had the nerve to ask me why I left when I saw him next. I explained what I saw and he said, "I know, isn't my bellybutton cool?" and proceeded to lift up his shirt. I told him not to call me ever again.

— Jeanette, 23

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