Stuck With a Girlfriend

I had answered an ad in the paper and "met" this wonderful-sounding Jewish man named Samuel. Well...Samuel has never been married and he was already in his 50's! He bragged about his being a college professor and how many history books he wrote. I couldn't wait to meet him. We decided to meet at a local well-known, popular diner. When I heard my name being called, I turned and looked and almost fainted! Here was this AWFUL looking man in baggy jeans, combat boots and PLAID flannel shirt calling my name! Not only did he LOOK awful, but he SMELLED awful. He needed a haircut (really bad), had wild looking bushy eyebrows (he looked like he just got out from sleeping in the back seat of the car) and his teeth were yellow and crooked. That's just the beginning. He actually thought I was impressed! I couldn't find another exit so I HAD to stay. I couldn't get it over with fast enough.'s the best part. He SMELLED awful! Like he needed a bath or shower really really bad! I was just glad that no one there knew me. Needless to say, I ate my breakfast in record time! Now get this! He actually CALLED me and asked my out again!!! Some people just don't "get it" do they?

— Angie, 23

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