The Bouncer's Babe

During college, we'd go out and all the guys would try to see who could pick up the best-looking babes. I held my own pretty well in these friendly competitions, and one night, I really hit the jackpot. This blonde walked into the room, and turned all our heads. All my buddies bet I couldn't score a date and the stakes were high. She was hot, gorgeous, and stacked. I worked my way over to her and turned on the charm. After a few drinks and some laughs, I winked at my buddies, put my arm around her, and headed back to my room. As we were walking past another bar on the strip, she suddenly grabbed me, threw me against the wall, and started passionately kissing me. I couldn't believe my luck! Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a Neanderthal coming straight for us. His big, sweaty, bald, head glistened in the moonlight as I was trying to perfect my French lessons. Next thing I know, hairy knuckles are plowing into my chin, and as I stare up from the ground, the beautiful blonde's walking away with what apparently is her boyfriend, the bouncer! Some things about college I don't miss.

— Ken, 33

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