She Lied

Men get accused of not being honest to women all the time, but sometimes things are reversed. I went out with a nice woman for just over six months. We got very close in that time and enjoyed a great sex life. Then, she got pregnant. I was so happy! I instantly asked her to marry me and told her I would make her the happiest woman ever. I was in love and everything was perfect. Two days later, she broke the news to me that she had been married all along and she didn't know if the baby was mine or his. But, she had decided to stay with him and raise this child with the rest of them. Yep, she had three other kids too. I never knew or suspected anything about her "other" life. I am still heartbroken. She won't talk to me at all, but I did hear the baby was a boy. I wonder if he is my son? People should be honest from the start.

— Jeremy, 28

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