First Time

My "first time" was with this gorgeous redhead named Beth and we fell in love ... almost got married. About the fourth time together, we were on her folks' sofa in the living room at about 3AM when her dad came down for a snack! We were both naked, sweaty, and panicked; and hit the door running. Her dad thought it was a burglar and shouted to stop, and then started a chase. I went around and hid at the side of the house, trying desperately to get my clothes on inconspicuously. Their St. Bernard found me and slobbered all over me ... it was hard to get my clothes on! Beth ran naked down the street for about a half mile and waited for me to pick her up. She was terrified, and her dad figured it out pretty quickly. She got a stern lecture and ended up pregnant ... yikes! We are still friends and laugh about this occasionally.

— Ryan, 28

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