Long Distance Conception

Back when I was younger, I was dating this girl in college and we were doing really well. I loved spending time with her and thought we might even get married some day, when all our schooling was done. She ended up spending a semester abroad, which was really hard on us. But, as the time came closer for her to return, I got very excited and felt that we could get the relationship back on track. Within days of coming back, she announced to everyone (except me) that she was pregnant with my child. Keep in mind, she was across an ocean from me when we supposedly conceived this child. I was dumbfounded. When I confronted her, she admitted to sleeping with no less than ten other guys while away and didn't know who the father was, so she was hoping I would just think it was me. I was considering taking her back anyway, but then I found out she slept with a friend of mine her second night back. That was the end.

— Alain, 41

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