Park Jaw-Dropper

My disaster of a date began innocently enough. I met Sally online and we really hit it off, so we decided to meet at a public park one afternoon. She was as gorgeous in person as she had been in her picture and I was not disappointed. We talked for hours and things were beginning to heat up between us. That's when it happened. She suddenly just stood up and took off all her clothes. Remember, we were in a public park; other people were jogging, kids were playing, and it was still very, very light out. Suddenly, the entire park seemed to just stop and stare at her. I asked her nicely to put her clothes back on and she informed me that she wanted to have sex with me right there in front of everyone. Mouths dropped open around us, including my own. I told her again to get dressed as this wasn't going to happen. She tried to kiss me then, and I pushed her away. Next thing I know, I was running to my car to get out of there as fast as possible. To this day, I have never returned to that park and I have no idea what happened to Sally.

— Mike, 34

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