Age Matters

I met Yvonne in a shopping mall one afternoon and we really hit it off. She dressed like a young professional and told me she had just graduated college and was looking for a job in the fashion industry. I took her to dinner a few times and things were going very well, at least I thought. After a nice date, I went home to a voicemail saying that it was Yvonne's mother. I immediately thought there might be a problem in her family, but my mouth dropped open as I listened. Her mother stated that she had gotten my number off Yvonne's cell phone and she was pretty sure I was dating her. However, she wanted me to stop immediately as Yvonne was only fifteen! She then threatened legal action if I didn't stop seeing her daughter. I called Yvonne and confronted her, and she admitted it was true and that she was only in the tenth grade. Of course, I broke it off and smoothed things over with her mom, but wow. No way did she look fifteen at all. Live and learn.

— Kevin, 27

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