No More Blind Dates

I had met a gal online who was a friend of a friend and we would chat alot online and eventually decided to start calling each other. I saw a picture of her that wasn't too bad, so I figured why not set up a date at the movies? Bad idea. Unfortunately the picture I saw was only of her face, and being quite the shallow guy I am, I was quickly turned off the instant i saw the "rest of her." I must have came off quite rude as I tried not to really look at or talk to her very much, nonetheless, she insisted on paying for the movie. I wasn't going to argue with that, especially since it was a movie I had already seen. Once we got inside, the only seats left were practically in the very front row. Throughout the whole movie she wouldn't stop talking and asking questions which annoyed me thoroughly. I'm sure she could tell the date wasn't going so well since I was leaning practically onto the person next to me as to get as far away from her as I could. What can I say, I'm a shallow guy. Anyway, after the movie I quickly said goodbye and left her waiting for her ride. I will never go on another blind date again...

— Mark, 20

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