Mistaken Identity

About three months ago, I was on this date with a beautiful girl who I had been eyeing for several months. I had the perfect evening planned; you know, a little seafood along the ocean, a fun little boat ride topped with a walk along the beach. Needless to say, I was excited and the date began smoothly. No stupid mutterings on my part, if you know what I mean. We had our meal and then, after I took care of the check, we were making our way out of the restaurant when suddenly this police car came screaming up to the front of the restaurant right in front of us. They got out and started to pull me aside to arrest me. As you can imagine I was pretty angry because I hadn't done anything illegal for quite some time. My date was so scared she just watched me get put in the car and then walked away before I could say anything. It turns out some waiter in the restaurant thought I looked like some criminal on the loose and called me in. I tried to call my date up a few times to explain everything, but she just told me to get out of her life before I messed it up ... she was beautiful too.

— Rob, 20

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