Disaster Dad

I am somewhat religious, but not a fanatic. I tend to find dates that are one extreme or the other, both of which make me very uncomfortable. So, when I met Olivia, I was thrilled to discover she was a lot like me. She didn't want to sleep with me on the first date, nor did she have chaperones to stop us from even holding hands. In short, she was normal. We dated for a while, but then I found out what her flaw was. Her father was a minister. The date where I met him was intense. He asked me my intentions, quizzed me on my beliefs, and generally put me through it. A few days later, I called Olivia to ask her out again and she was shocked. She told me I was the first one to stick with her after meeting her father. Our date disaster actually brought us closer together.

— Robert, 22

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