Conversation Killer

I hadn't had a date in a while and I was having a boring summer, so I decided to ask this girl at work out. She seemed nice, and she was pretty good looking. She said yes, and we agreed to get dinner and go to a movie. I was really excited. All week I looked forward to it and didn't mind how annoying my job was (my boss is like the guy from office space). When it was finally Friday, I picked her up and we went to a restaurant I like. We sat down, and we started talking a bit. I'm kind of political, so naturally I asked her what her political orientation was. She said she was a republican, which was bad, but I don't mind a little debate now and then. But then she was like, "if it was up to the democrats, thousands of people would die every day from abortion." That killed the date. We hardly said another word. Then I just drove her home and said goodnight.

— Henry, 28

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