Stop the Wedding

My fiancé and I were scheduled to be married in about four months. Right after we got engaged, her attitude toward me changed drastically. She became very overbearing and questioned everything I did. I went out one night with some guys and while I was out, she called. Not finding me at home, she called again, and again. It was around 2 AM when I arrived home to find her sitting on my front porch. She was livid and hysterical and wanted to know who I was with and where we went. When I told her it was just the guys, she wanted their names and phone numbers so she could verify my story. The following day, I called her and notified her that the wedding was off and I wanted nothing to do with her ever again. Her lack of trust was more than I could tolerate. She was stunned and promised never to do that again. I told her that was good so long as she did it with her next boyfriend because, "I am outta here!" What a relief.

— Jonathan, 26

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