What Was She Thinking?

I once had this really good friend and, I admit, I was always curious about what would happen if we dated. One day, she broke up with her boyfriend and then decided to call me up to see if I wanted to go out with her. So, I figured ... why not? We went out three or four times, and eventually we just stopped, for reasons I don't know. About three weeks after we stopped talking, she came up to my work asking if I wanted to go out again. We went to a local bar where we talked and had a couple of drinks. Before we were about to leave, she asked me if I wanted to go over to her place so we could watch a movie. I agreed and asked her if she would like to stop at the local Blockbuster to find a movie. She declined and said that she basically had a surplus of movies at her place that we could choose from. So, when we arrived at her place, we walked down to her basement where her bedroom was. She proceeded to shut the door and asked me to choose from her vast array of movies. Actually, I was surprised to find that she only had about ten movies to choose from. While I was picking out a movie, she said that she had to change into something else because it was a bit hot in the room. This was strange because it was totally the opposite! She came out of her bathroom in these tight clothes that were obviously meant to be taken off not too long in the future. Anyway, I just sat there on her bed, watching the movie, while she was just sort of acting cute and sexy around me. I made no moves whatsoever and finally, after about thirty minutes into the movie, she laid back looking like she was bored and about to fall asleep. Noticing this, I told her that she looked tired and maybe I should be going. I asked her if she wanted to step outside with me to have a cigarette before I left. It seemed like she agreed, but when we got to the door, she let me step out, and quickly waved and shut the door on me. After that, we never really made contact again, and the friendship was over. She knew that I was not the type of guy to fool around so soon, especially not after a girl had a recent break-up. I was crushed after this happened because I lost one of the best friends that I ever had. Word of advice: Do not date friends unless both of you have made your intentions and desires perfectly clear to one another ahead of time.

— Josh, 21

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