One Date Wonder

Years ago, after my divorce from my first wife, I joined a dating service because I didn't like the bar scene and didn't have many opportunities to meet women at my job. One of the women that I was supposed to meet left me a message on my phone and I called her back because she had a nice voice. We had a great conversation on the phone and I was supposed to meet her at her house and we had agreed to go on a date. I found her house from her directions and it turned out to be a very nice older house that she was sharing with a female roommate. When I knocked on the door her roommate answered and she was a cute blonde and we got along very well. I talked with her roommate for awhile until the girl I was supposed to go on the date with was ready. My date's name was Julie and the plan was we were going to go have a drink and dinner and then see a movie after. Julie seemed like a nice person; she was attractive and I thought we were getting along well. We each had one drink and ate our dinner and then we were supposed to go see the movie. As we left the restaurant she asked me if I would mind if we stopped at a certain bar where she knew the bartender to say hi. I said yes, thinking we would just stop and have a quick drink, stay a few minutes, and then go on to see the movie. So, we stopped at this seedy little hole in the wall dump that had just room enough for a small bar and two tables. Julie apparently knew the bartender, this big burly guy with a long shaggy beard who looked like a biker. Well, we sat down and she ordered a pitcher of beer and she proceeded to chat with her bartender buddy for nearly 3 hours, the whole time never once looking at me and not even bothering to introduce me to her friend, and I'm sitting there feeling extremely awkward and uncomfortable and annoyed. She just talked and drank beer after beer, until she was almost staggering because she was so drunk. Needless to say, we completely missed the movie and she asked me if I wanted to go back to her place for a cup of coffee since we had missed the movie. I was a little reluctant, but I thought what the heck, maybe we would finally get a chance to get to know each other after all. So we started to drive to her house, but she kept passing out in my car from all the beer. We got back to her place and she asked me in for a cup of coffee. While I was waiting for her to make the coffee, her roommate came in the living room where I was sitting and we talked for a few minutes, still getting along well like the first time we met. She then excused herself and went to bed. My date came back in with two cups of coffee for us, immediately lay down on her couch, covered herself up with a blanket, and went right to sleep … leaving her coffee untouched and me totally forgotten. So, being the gentleman that I am, I went into the kitchen, turned off the coffeepot, put my coffee cup down, let myself out her front door, locked it behind me, and went home and never called her again. I remember earlier in the evening, before she got smashed, her telling me that guys would ask her out on dates, but they would never call her again after only one date and she couldn't figure out why. Looking back, maybe I should have called back and asked Julie's roommate if she wanted to go out, but I never did. Today, I am very happily married and am very glad that my dating days are behind me!

— Keith, 42

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