The Wrong Conclusion

There was this chick that I was interested in for years and finally one day she decided to ask me out before I got the chance to ask her. I was amazed that she thought the same way as me. She had a body that any man would want to be seduced by … killer eyes and soft voice unless she was demanding. That just turned me on. Well, she still lived at home with her folks and was trying to catch up on her bills before moving out. I respected that, of course. We ended up going out to a movie and dinner. Very simple and innocent. She was making me nervous with the way she would curl up to me in the theater. It was so what I was hoping for, that it actually blew my mind. Sex entered my thoughts, but I really wanted her to want me in the same way. When we went to dinner, we laughed over stories and how long I had been admiring her. She felt the same way. In the middle of our talk at the table, I excused myself to the restroom. All I could think about was how nervous I was, but at the same time so comfortable with her. I wasn't paying any attention to anything but my wonder that surrounded me. A few minutes later, I returned to the table and we chatted for hours after that. Finally, we left the dinner table to head back to her house. We drove up to her driveway and talked more. The thought of, "should I make that move to encourage her to want me more?" filled my thoughts. So, I kissed her softly and she started to kiss me harder and more passionate. Her body moved out from the side and her arms embarrassed my body. Then my luck, she spilled her soda onto the passenger side floor. She wasn't thinking about kicking it over when we were in the heat of the moment. So, she grabbed some napkins and cleaned the mess up. All the while, her parents were watching. As soon as she went down to clean up the mess, the house light came on and her parents rushed out of the house to the car. Her father came to my car window and her mother went to her daughter's window. They stood there staring at us. The father asked me to come inside that he would like to talk to me. I told him that that would be great! So, I went inside the house with my date. As we stood at the front door with it shut behind us, her parents were sitting down in the living room asking us how everything was. We told them everything we did, but her father had a disgusted look on his face as I talked. In the middle of the conversation, her father said he had had enough of this and stormed out of the room! I was getting scared at this point! He called his daughter into the room with him with a loud and very parental voice! The mother sat me down and started to talk to me. I remember very clearly her telling me that her husband is very protective of his daughter and they would not stand for her to be used! I agreed with her. The mother started to get that very disgusted face with me too. She stood up and raised her voice at me telling me that was her little girl and no boy, no matter what his age was, would use her little girl! Then she sat me down and threw a family album in my lap and started to show me baby pictures of their daughter. As I was looking at these pictures, I noticed something ... I had forgotten to zip up my pants when I went to the restroom at the diner! Then, everything made sense to me! I started to look at it from the parents point of view ... they saw us kissing in the car, then their daughter went down in the sit to clean up the soda … and now this! An unzipped zipper! I was embarrassed to the highest level that could be imagined! I got up and told the mother that I had to run and I enjoyed the talk but I had to run! I left right away, never to ask her out again!

— Martin, 25

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