The Dirty Blonde

I had gone to a dating service because I had no opportunity to meet women at my job and I don't like the bar scene. I told them exactly what kind of person I wanted to meet and I thought that's what I would get. I am a casual, but clean cut person and wanted the same in a date. I went to meet this one woman at a restaurant. From my car, I could see she had on a filthy tee-shirt, and her hair looked like it hadn't been washed since 1983. I thought to myself, "This CAN'T be my date!?!?!" Convinced she must be waiting for someone else; I got out of my car and headed toward the front door of the establishment. As I neared, she looked at me, smiled (with unbrushed teeth), and asked, "Are you Ray?" I stammered, not sure what to do. Then, after taking a whiff of her, I blurted out, "No, I'm not." I headed back to my car at top speed and never looked back! Needless to say, I asked for my money back from the dating service.

— Ray, 38

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