Popular and Rude

In my last year of high school, I finally got the balls to ask out this girl I had liked since 8th grade. She was tall, pretty, and intelligent; played sports and had a great body. I was scared to ask her out, but since I knew I would never see her again because I was moving after high school, I thought what do I have to lose? I asked her, and I was stoked because she smiled and said, "Yeah, of course." I tried to act cool and said, "Nice, see you on Saturday." I picked her up that Saturday and kept thinking to myself, "Wow, I can't believe this hot girl who is basically perfect, is going out with me." I picked her up and took her to dinner. We went to an expensive restaurant and she was anything but perfect. Even the waiter couldn't believe a sweet looking girl could be so rude and really just a jerk! I said, "I think its time to leave," and she took it personally. She said to me quietly, "You want to play like that?" I, of course, didn't know what that meant, so I waited to see her reaction. She stood up and yelled, "No, you pervert! I won't tape you having sex with your friends, and I don't know how to prevent sexual infections!" She looked at me and left. I was embarrassed and ran out after her and she thought it was funny and acted like it was nothing. I gave her a ride home, since I was trying to be a gentleman, but couldn't wait for the ride to be over because of the awkward silence the whole ride. I found out later that my dad's secretary was having dinner that night in the same restaurant. That was the reason the next morning my dad said to me, "Son, we need to talk."

— Kevin, 19

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