Messy Eater

There was this really hot girl that I had wanted to ask out for the longest time. When I finally got up the courage to ask her out, she said yes and I took her to a fancy restaurant. We had already been served our drinks and it was time to order dinner. I ordered a New York strip steak and she got crab legs. We had some nice conversation until the meal was served. As soon as the waiter set the plate of crab legs down, she started cracking them open. She flung bits of crab everywhere. She was finished with her dinner before I had eaten two bites. Everyone was staring at us and I was so embarrassed. When I looked at her face, she had crab all over herself and it was so disgusting. I made up an excuse and ran out, completely forgetting about the bill. I felt so bad until the next week when, in the mail, I got the bill from her.

— Ryan, 25

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