Blinded By Love

I met this woman online 5 1/2 years ago. We were simply friends, since she was married. We e-mailed each other often and talked about problems. Six months ago, Tabitha e-mailed me to give me some good news and some bad news. Her cheating husband, Frank, had decided he wanted a divorce. The good news was that she was moving back to her home state to be near her family. My state!! After talking on the phone for several months, we decided to meet. I lived 4 hours away from her but had no problem with the driving since I drive a lot for my construction job. For 3 1/2 months, I drove there every week-end. The relationship was fabulous!! We never even disagreed on anything! She was a very caring person. She wasn't promiscuous. The sex was awesome. No problems, right? I thought I had met the perfect woman. Possibly my future. Wrong!! I spent a weekend with her and, as I was leaving, she kissed me goodbye and said we'd talk that night like we always did. I drove 4 hours home and called her. What did she do? Dumped me. No explanation. No reason. I guess I was too blinded by love to see how emotionally messed up she was from her divorce. All I was to her was a temporary replacement. The one that wasn't.

— Greg, 33

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