Freaked Me Out!

At my college there was this really hot, perfect--not to mention nice--girl. She was into all the music I was into: the Beatles, the Doors, the Clash, and other good punk and '60s rock bands. She, too, seemed never to get dates. My best friend prompted me to ask her out on a date, so I did, and everything went well. I called her every day after that, and it seemed to be OK. Then one time on the phone she spaced out for a few hours, and frankly, it freaked me out. She did it once at the movies, too, and I thought she was sick. As it turns out, she does that a lot. I really liked her, so I just pushed it aside and kept on with the relationship. Then one day I got a call from her, and she informed me that I'm the one who spaces out! She also thinks I was mean to her! So I broke up with her.

— Mitch, 22

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