Rude Behavior

I went out on a date with a sister to a lady friend of mine. She was a model and was giving me all the right signals at the movie, after which, she wanted to go to a certain bar. The bar was a favorite hangout of mine, so I said, "Sure, let's go". Not long after we got there, some friends of mine saw us and stopped to say hi. One of my friends is one of those people you just have to love; unfortunately she is, in a word, obese. My date started with the rudest fat jokes you ever heard and got worse from there on. After a few minutes of this behavior, I stood up and asked if anyone wanted to go to another bar that had a really good band playing that night. Everyone agreed and when my date grabbed her purse, I looked her in the eye and said, "Sorry, you aren't invited. Nobody treats my friends that way." Two tables that were close enough to hear the jokes and the last comments cheered us as we left her sitting there open mouthed over being dumped for a "fatty".

— Lance, 19

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