Closed Minded Date

I was living in the Florida Keys, not particularly looking for romance, when I met a young woman who seemed very nice. She had the natural thing ... didn't wear or need to wear make-up, didn't smoke, and seemed able to speak in complete sentences without saying 'like' every other word; all plusses in my book. I thought we might be able to get along, and I invited her out to a very nice Tai restaurant. As we sat down, I noticed she seemed a bit uneasy and I asked if she was alright. She told me she didn't feel comfortable around 'foreigners', as she indicated the Tai waitress. Puzzled, I asked why. She told me that you couldn't trust them. Her family had a Mexican maid who once stole some silverware and that all THOSE people were ungrateful and should go back where they belong. Then, she told me only real Americans should be in America. When I commented (sorry, couldn't avoid the sarcasm) that she must be an American Indian, she said something very crude about American Indians. I told her that I'd been raised in Mexico, and that I found the average Mexican person to be friendly, intelligent and generous, all true in my experience. She became very agitated. The food came, and she ate it distrustfully, poking at it with her fork. I made a point of eating with my chopsticks. I felt sorry for her ... but, not so sorry I ever bothered with her again.

— Robert, 45

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