Miss Accusations

It was finals week and I was at a Faculty Jazz Concert. I went alone, but saw one of my football buddies there, so I decided to sit with him. He was sitting with a few of his friends. The concert was scheduled to go for two hours and I had some studying to do, so I decided to leave early. As I was leaving, I introduced myself to a girl sitting at the table. We got to talking and we clicked right away. Before I left, I got her phone number and e-mail address. I told her that I was going to Martinique for Interim, but that I'd try to keep in touch and that I'd see her after I got back. We kept in touch while I was gone, and after I got back, I called her up and we had jello together. The week of Valentine's Day, I asked her if she'd like to hang out with me. She said yes, so we went out to dinner and then back to her dorm room to watch a movie (her roommate was out of town). There, she gave me a cookie which said "Hug Me" on it. I said "yes" and the next thing I knew, we were holding each other. It felt so good. As the relationship went on though, things started to get rocky. Early on, she started accusing me of wanting to leave her even though I didn't want to and didn't show any signs of wanting to. There were also many arguments about the physical aspect of the relationship; she wanted to hold off and I wanted to move forward. After one such argument, I decided it was good to hold off for a while. After making up, though, I found out that she was going to give her kidney to her dying grandpa. I wasn't very fond of the idea, seeing as how she was a 19-year-old freshman in college and her grandpa was 76 years old; but I decided that if it was worth that much to her, I'd stand by her and support her decision. During the time she was in the hospital and recovering at home, I called her up a few times to see how she was doing. She accused me of wanting her only for sex on many occasions and of not trying hard enough emotionally, even after I visited her in the hospital. It was around this time I started to doubt the relationship. She called me up one day after she had been back at school for a while. She said, "I want to cuddle." I, being in a bad mood at the time, told her I didn't want to. She was trying to get her registration ready, but a lot of the classes she wanted were full. I was trying to give her advice, but she was being stubborn. She continued to try and get me to come over there and cuddle with her and I kept telling her I didn't want to. She even tried to use the method of offering sexual favors in return. She eventually said, "Now I'm frustrated, 'cause I wanted to cuddle!" We broke up that same day.

— Jason, 20

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