Prom Non-Date

There was this girl named Becky that I really liked at the time, so I asked her to the prom. My friends and I split the price of a limo and we went to dinner at this place right off the water. There was a beach near to where the dance was and things were going fine, like a date should. We got there and we got out of the limo and went into the dance. This was my first dance, so I was clueless and she wasn't helping at all. About midway through the night, she can tell there's something on my mind and asks what it is. At that point, I did the unthinkable for me; I confessed that I liked her and want her to be my girlfriend. She told me, "Well, I kind of have a boyfriend right now," at which point she had let me pay for everything like it was a date. Sound misleading? Then it dawned on me, it wasn't a date.

— Lance, 18

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