Two Too Many

I had been dating this young lady for several months. Though we were from very different backgrounds and traveled in far different circles, I found her refreshing and exciting and things heated quickly. Though I viewed the relationship as casual dating peppered with great sex, I could tell her feelings were much more serious. Being fairly new to the city, I joined a widely popular singles organization to get acquainted and find new social activities. One of those activities I found most enjoyable was Sunday brunch at a popular restaurant. The people were quite congenial and the conversation stimulating. I mentioned this to my girlfriend, who was an inactive member of the organization. She displayed no interest, so I didn't invite her along. While on a hike with a group of regular attendees of the brunch, I struck up a conversation with a very appealing little blonde number with a sexy Swiss accent. We had met several times after that for coffee or a drink, when she invited me to her place for Christmas Eve lunch the following week. Since my current squeeze and I planned to celebrate our holiday a day early, before leaving town to spend Christmas with our respective families, I saw no problem delaying my departure for a few hours to accept the lunch invitation. You guessed it. When I arrived for lunch, after a somewhat exhausting night, it was quite clear that this was to be a lunch for two. Her intention was obvious and my response was quickly evident. Needless to say, I had to put the pedal to the metal once I headed to my cousin's for Christmas. I had a big smile on my face for the entire eight hour drive, arriving well after midnight. Since my job required frequent travel, dating two women for a while was complicated though manageable. During one absence that kept me out of town for the weekend. Girlfriend number one, out boredom and curiosity, decided to take in the Sunday brunch. Of course, the two struck up a conversation and before long this tom cat was out of the bag! I arrived home the following week to find that the 90 minute tape on my answering machine was full. It wasn't necessary to listen to more than a couple minutes to know I was in deep doo doo. Girlfriend number two just told me I was a jerk and not to call again. Girlfriend number one filled my tape every day for two solid weeks before she got on with her life. Though I dated several more ladies after that before finally settling down with the right one, I always made it a point of seeing only one at a time. Life has been much simpler that way.

— Paul, 32

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