Uncomfortable Date

This was one of my worst dates ever. I met this girl online, and we talked for awhile. I really enjoyed talking to her, and she really enjoyed talking to me. It seemed like we had a lot in common, so I made plans to meet her sometime for a bite to eat and a walk through Philly. Now, I live in Southern NJ (basically Philadelphia) and she was from Northern NJ (basically New York City), so it would be a little bit of a drive. She decided to bring her friend, which was ok with me. I brought my cousin along, so that there wouldn't be a third wheel in the group. So, she decided to drive the 2 hours down from North Jersey to South Jersey where I lived. She got a little lost once she got to my area, no biggie, so I gave her directions for my house, which she found finally. Honestly, this is where it started to go wrong, because for one thing, she didn't look like the picture I received from her. She said she was 20, but literally, she could've passed for 40! Her friend was actually a lot cuter, but I decided to give mine a good chance while my cousin went with the other girl. So, we all decided where we wanted to go. We decided to go to Philly, to walk around one of the areas I always go too, to see if they would like it. We got into her car, and showed her the way to get to Philly. The whole time she had the heat on so high, I was ready to pass out back there. They were quiet in person. My cousin and I were trying to talk to them, but it seemed as though they were ignoring us. At this point, my cousin and I were getting a little annoyed at them, but we decided to keep trying. When we got to Philly, we walked around, and went to Starbucks. At this point, I wanted them to take my cousin and I back to my house, because they were talking crap on us and my hometown (Philly) in particular, saying how my cousin and I are no fun, and how Philly is a total trash hole (remember, they are used to being in NYC). Then, they asked if there are any good clubs in the city, so that they can meet bouncers and dance, get trashed, and high. I was like, "Not that I know of," (I do know places, but I wasn't up for that and I don't use drugs). At this point, my cousin and I wanted to go home, because we were getting annoyed with them both. Finally, a sign that we were going to get out of it appeared; the friends cell phone rang, and it was her brother, saying her mom was in the ER and they had to get home ASAP (remember, they lived 2 hours away, so that wouldn't be too possible). So, we head back to her car, both miserable from this, and dying because the heat was so high again. She was crying about the phone call. To be totally honest, I think the 2 girls staged this to get out of the date, because they weren't having a good time at all. So, finally, she drove back to my house. I let them in for a few minutes, because they wanted to see my room and use the bathroom, so that was ok. Then, I heard the friend on the phone again, but she didn't seem upset this time. I didn't want to get into her business, so I kept my mouth shut. Finally, they said bye, hugged us, and sped off to head back to North Jersey. Three days later, she actually did call me and told me that my cousin and I weren't what they thought. She said that we were too boring and not fun for them. I told her, "Why were you even interested in meeting me, when I was the same person on the computer, acting, even talking the same way?" She said, "Well, it was different on the computer than in person. I like guys that love to party 24/7, guys that are "hardcore," and I like thug guys, not preppies like you!" Being very insulted by this, I told her, "Well, I'm sorry that I wasn't your type and I hope there are no hard feelings." I blocked her and never talked to her again, and I told my cousin to do the same. He and I still talk about this date to this day and say how we had a better time shooting pool afterwards then being with a "20 year old going on 40" and her friend!

— Alex, 22

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