Truth in Advertising

I absolutely hate blind dates, but my buddy told me this girl was different. We went out to dinner and got along great, sharing stories about our childhood and life in general. The evening was young, and my buddy was having this huge fraternity party. He invited us to stop by if we wanted to. She was all for it, so we went. The place was packed. I had forgotten that it was a "pimps and hos" party, so we were a little overdressed, to say the least. While going to get alcohol, I quickly lost her in the crowd, but I soon found some buddies who were curious about how the date was going. They couldn't believe I had brought her, but I said, "What the hell? We both wanted to party." As the night progressed, she soon became MIA. I looked for her everywhere. I went searching upstairs in the house where the party was held, but just found doors with signs that read "Leave Us Alone." I got the hint. About 3 hours later a bunch of people were coming down the stairs, and there she was--in my best friend's arms, wearing only a bra and thong. What a night of hell!

— Hank, 23

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