Corvette Surprise

Living in Houston Texas, I had been working with a very pretty woman at a nightclub I was a DJ at for months. We would flirt with each other all the time and when Mardi Gras time came around, I asked her if she wanted to go. She accepted and I booked us a hotel in New Orleans and we drove there in my 1976 Indy Pace Car Edition Corvette. After checking into the hotel and doing the usual unpacking, we enjoyed the local area for a few hours and then drove over to where the main area of the Mardi Gras was happening. I parked well away from the crowds for fear of anything happening to my car, and we walked into the center of the Mardi Gras. After we had been there for quite a while, we were hitting it off really good. She told me that she wanted me right there in public and that she was really horny and couldn't wait. I told her that after a quick trip to the men's room we would go to the car and get to the hotel. We were both under the influence of alcohol at this point (her more so than me). After returning to the area I left her at, I could not find here anywhere. After looking for what seemed to be an hour, I figured I would go to the car and wait. That was the area we agreed to meet if we got separated. I walked to where my car was parked and, as I turned the corner on the block, I noticed my corvette and there on the hood was a couple engaged in sexual intercourse. Upon arriving at my car I shouted, "Hey that's my vette you're screwing on Pal!" When he lifted up and turned to look at me, I noticed the girl he was screwing was my date. Her explanation was she couldn't find me and she went to the car to meet me and he came along and well, upon talking to him one thing lead to another and you know the rest. The guy looked at me and told me that he thought it was her car. I didn't blame the guy for what happened, but she agreed to pay for the damage done to the fiberglass hood of my car. We went back to the hotel, checked out, and I drove her back home. I told her I would be in contact with her about the car. She disappeared and I was stuck holding the bill for $1200.00 for a new hood that was cracked by her little romp on my car.

— Roger, 39

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