Unmistaken Identity

I was in Okinawa, Japan, in 1989 as a U.S. Marine. I must have been about 22 at the time and was at the peak of my dating days. It all started when I was invited to go to an exclusive nightclub in Naha City, a club to which American servicemen usually do not get the opportunity to go. Anyway, I was dancing with this really hot chick most of the night, and everyone was looking at us. I thought at the time it was because they were envious of me for getting to be with this woman, but I was soon to discover the real reason. Well, later in the evening she invited me on a date. I, of course, accepted because I wanted to see her hot body. The next evening we went to her place. We were there for about 15 seconds when she suddenly started undoing my pants and proceeded to please me orally. Just before I was about to explode, she stood up, pulled her pants down, and said, "Now it's your turn." She was a he.

— JR, 35

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