New Years Obsession

I recently found myself without a date for New Years Eve, so a close friend of mine hooked my up with her best friend (whom I have known for a while, but just casually). I ended up at the party a little late and had to play catch up to get to the same level of intoxication that everyone else, including my date, Heather, was at. After an hour or so of heavy drinking, I was introduced to another friend of a friend at the party that I had yet to meet. She was attractive, funny, and appeared to flirting with me. After she practically forced approximately 1 gallon worth of tequila shots down me, I made a decision. Even though Heather was pretty smokin', I realized I needed to forget about the "date" with her, due to the uncomfortable circumstances, and focus on the potential of the newly found hottie. As midnight struck, the new girl and I engaged in a nice liplock as Heather looked on. I knew she was pissed. I don't remember a lot after that point, but I did wake up next to the "hottie". Later that day, I found out that Heather was trying to bust into the bedroom where I was on New Years Eve. Apparently, she doesn't take rejection too well. It has now been fourteen days since the incident and Heather calls at least once a day and e-mails me a minimum of 10 times a day. She has gone as far as to tell me that if I would drive up and see her, she would arrange a threesome between me, her, and another mutual friend, Paige. I know she's off her rocker and I shouldn't play with fire, but I can't help it. I told her that if she could arrange another two good looking girls to join in, bringing the total to 4 hot girls and myself, that I would be there in a heartbeat. I thought she would blow me off. She agreed, and is currently trying to talk two other hot friends of hers and mine to join in the fiasco. I know I should feel like the luckiest guy alive, but this is girl is absolutely obsessed with me. I don't think there is anyway I will be able to get her to leave me alone, especially if we ever get together and play hide the salami.

— Steven, 29

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