Is It Meant to Be?

I was experiencing something that I thought was love. Being young and ambitious only made me think that everyday I saw this girl's face, I was in love. After a year of dating on and off, we were talking one day. For some reason, we began to argue. Me, being the person I am, I consider myself a softy. But something came over me on that October day; I had had enough. I began to raise my voice and say some things I didn't really mean. Two weeks went by and she didn't return my calls. When I bumped into her, she couldn't even look me in the eye. It was here where I asked her straight up, "Do you want to end this right now?" Sadly enough, she said, "It's the only way things can be right now." As time passed, there was an awkward feeling between us. Before I knew it, a month later she began to see someone else. Being a stubborn and jealous person, I didn't want her to think I was hurting. So in return, I began to socialize with another female. This was the case until one night; I caught myself in a heavily depressed mood and highly under the influence of alcohol. From this state of mind, I dialed the seven digits to her house and left a message pouring out my heart. Needless to say, I remembered everything I did during my drunkenness and she returned my call the next day. We began to talk, to cry, to fight, and we also began to rekindle the feelings we once shared. At the time, she was still carelessly in a relationship, doing nothing but focusing her attention towards me. Until one night, I came over to her house as just a friend. I couldn't help myself, I made a move. It was then that I realized the feelings I had since day one were the true and pure feelings of love. After 5 months of agony, the love of my life and I began a new path towards the future. This is where I asked myself the question, "Is it meant to be?"

— Damien, 24

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