Cave Woman

A few years ago, I became a widower. So, it was to be expected that I was relatively new to the "dating scene". Not being up on the new things, I decided to check out a computer dating service. The service furnished bios on the ladies that had the same interests as I did. So, I decided to call and get "hooked up" with one that sounded like what I was looking for. It described her as being 42 yrs old, petite, blonde, fun-loving, educated, etc. Let's name her Amanda (not her real name). I made arrangements to meet her at a local restaurant. Apparently, I arrived first because there was no one at the table I had made reservations for as yet, so I sat down. Not a few minutes pass by when the waiter informed that the party I was waiting for had arrived. I stood up and looked around for my "date." This brunette said that she was Amanda. Her identity was confirmed by the dating service membership cards we were given. The only thing petite about her was her height (about 5 ft 4 in). She was about 225 lbs, false teeth; I won't go on. As we had dinner, I noticed that she shoveled the food into her mouth like it was the first meal she had in days, and she talked with her mouth full. A total cave woman. After dinner, I walked her to her car, said it was nice meeting her, shook hands, and started to leave. She asked if she could see me again, but I replied that I was leaving town for a few weeks on "business" (polite to the end). I cancelled my membership the next day.

— Frank, 47

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