Interesting Twist

About a year ago, right after I had moved, this woman and I kept running into each other. We would see each other at the grocery store, at Blockbuster, at the dry cleaner's, and even at the church I had just joined. She was not all that attractive, so I never paid too much attention to her until I saw her at the library where she worked. She looked absolutely great. She had on a tight, long black skirt, a fitted blouse, and her hair was up in a bun. I decided to approach her, but she immediately saw me coming and dashed off. This disturbed me, so I kept pursuing her. Finally, I cornered her in a hallway and asked her if she thought it was strange how we kept meeting in all these places. She said she wondered why I had never paid attention to her before. Since I am the king of good lines, I told her that with her kind of beauty, I had always thought she was married or dating someone. Luckily, she fell for it, and we set up a date for the upcoming Saturday evening. I was on my way to pick her up when I got a flat tire, so I called her and said I'd be a little late. She understood but seemed agitated. About an hour later, I finally arrived at her door. At first I thought I was at the wrong place because the woman who answered didn't look like the one I had asked out on a date; she looked as if she had just woken up from a nap. Her hair was all matted on her face, and she had on an outfit that looked like pajamas. Anyway, we proceeded to go out to dinner at a little Chinese restaurant on the other side of town. We ordered, but there was not much conversation until I asked her about the library and how she liked working there. She reacted as if I had asked her the worst question ever. She had no idea what I was talking about. Then it dawned on me that this was not the woman I had asked out. Just then, across the table, I saw a familiar face smiling and laughing at me; it was my date with a bunch of other women. I guess that was her way of playing a trick on me for not paying attention to her in the first place.

— Tom, 33

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