Pursuing a Woman

I spent 5 years of my life pursuing Marie. I started when I was 21. I knew we were friends, but I loved her more than life. We would spend all our free time together; we even worked together. Her older sister was my best friend, which was little help to my problem. Countless nights, we spent watching movies and messing around. But still, the relationship would not budge to the next level. I loved this girl and would have done anything to make her happy forever. We were together at a local tavern one night and planning to go to her place to watch a movie and crash. She agreed to drive since I had a little more than was legally safe. So, we played some more pool and danced a little more. When we were about to leave, her sister showed up with her boyfriend and some guy named Brad. Marie left with them. I had to call a ride. A month later, Shan Married Brad. When we see each other, I still get teary eyed. I am happily married now, but It's the lies that hurt.

— Gary, 28

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