Summer Love

I was single this past summer. My girl and I took a break, split. I knew this chick from high school; she called me out of nowhere. She was hot; blond, hot body, etc. So, I was like, "Interesting." We hung out 1, 2, and finally the third time at her apartment. Finally, she walked out of her bedroom in little hot boy shorts and a bra. I was thinking, "Excellent." We started hanging out and giving each other pleasure that night. I slept there a lot; it was cool. I wasn't in it for a relationship, nor was she. Perfect, right? RIGHT. She started ditching to go down town; I didn't care. I left one nasty message (I hate being ditched), nothing of a big deal. So, we still hung out a few times after that, hooked up, and so on. All of a sudden, I was sitting at her place one night, and she's like, "Um I don't want a boyfriend, I don't think we can do this anymore." I was thinking, "Is this girl stupid or dumb? Who wants a relationship here?" I wasn't in it for an emotional attachment, I wanted action baby! Single and good looking, come on! So, needless to say, we spoke one time online after that with me just saying something nasty and her replying the same. That was that, and now I'm back with my old girlfriend for 2 years in a few days now.

— Keith, 20

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