Date Interrupted

My girlfriend and I are from a small town in the middle of nowhere. One night, we went out to dinner and a movie in the city which to us is kind of a big deal and a long drive. We had dinner at a nice restaurant for the first time in quite some time and everything was going pretty well until our meal was served. As the food was placed on the table, an ambulance drove by the window with its lights and sirens going. I have just recently become an EMT and watched as the ambulance sped by. I even joked, "There goes my ride." A few minutes later a fire engine drove by with lights and sirens; this caught my attention because I am a firefighter. It was at that time I heard somebody in the restaurant say, "They stopped in the intersection." I looked out the window again and all of the emergency vehicles were stopped in the intersection for a terrible accident. By law, I am supposed to help treat injuries at accidents and such, so I left the table and ran to the intersection to go to work. By the time I got back, dinner was cold, my girlfriend was bored, and I was tired. With the dinner taking longer than expected, it was rather late when it was over and the movie had already started, so we went home instead.

— Mike, 19

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