A Few Too Many

Once, my girl and I went out with some friends to have some drinks. As the drinks went by, we all ended up asking for tequila shots. Since one her friends barely drinks, my girl drank her drinks, drinking twice as much as we did (something I didn't know). So, as we were getting ready to go, she started asking for another tequila shot. Then, I realized she was blushed. So, after 10 or 15 minutes of trying to convince her that she couldn't have another shot (because she shouldn't and because there was no more money), we left the bar and went to my place to sober her up. When we arrived, I made some food for her and, as I gave her the plate, she dipped her face on the plate and started chasing the food with her mouth, getting all of her face and glasses dirty! After 60 minutes and like 40 napkins, she got sober and kind of forgot what happened. When I told her the story, she was really embarrassed. Usually, this would be a turn off, but after being with her for a year, these kinds of things get hilarious. Every time I remember, I laugh and thank god it wasn't in public!

— Jerry, 27

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